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Bloodlines Series~Richelle Mead

bloodlinesBloodlines Series is a spinoff series to Vampire Academy.

Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, but she is no longer completely trusted since helping Dhampir, Rose Hathaway.With the new Moroi queen in place, it is imperative her only living relative is well protected. Jill Mastrano is leaving the comfort of her home to go and live with the humans in secret. With her Dhampir guardian, Eddie Castile, and her royal Moroi friend Adrian Ivashkov, they relocate. For Sydney’s whole life she was told that the vampire race were unnatural creatures of evil, but as she continues to get to know them, she wonders if the alchemists could have been wrong.

This is based a couple months after Vampire Academy ended. And holy crap, it was fantastic. If you have already vampire academy, and love Adrian, then here is a present. It was really awesome, you get to know Adrian a lot better then you did in vampire academy. He was my favorite character in both series, and was completely psyched that this series came out. It is pretty important to read Vampire Academy, before you read Bloodlines. It is a definite read, and a fantastic continuation of the world Mead created in vampire academy.

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