The Mind's Obsession

Boy Meets Depression~ Kevin Breel

on October 15, 2015

boy meets depression This is a memoir of Kevin Breel’s complicated meeting with depression. Being raised in a hard home, going to cruel schools, with cruel students. This is the story of how one boy nearly hits rock bottom, and then drags himself off the ground and keeps going.

I read and finished this book in two days. But, it felt like longer. When I started reading i didn’t really know how it was going to end, and by the end everything was clear. Normally a book about true events, and depression is not really my thing, but this book caught my eye. I was very happy with the book, and will definitely read it again.

I’m a sophomore in high school, and I know how bad people can be. Lets just say that at one point or another, everyone sucks. People who say they have never bullied anyone, or mistreated anyone are either liars, or too naive to see they aren’t pure, innocent souls. I could really relate to the author, in ways that were actually kind of amazing.

If I can make a suggestion that whoever decides to read this, finish the book and then google the author. It made a whole lot of difference to me to see how he turned out and even what he looks like. For someone who hasn’t cried in a while, pick this book up.


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