The Mind's Obsession

The Kanin Chronicles~ Amanda Hocking

on August 26, 2015


This is a series based of the same world of the Trylle. If you haven’t read Trylle, read it first. It is technically a separate series, but features some characters from Trylle.

There are five tribes among the trolls: The Omte, The Skojare, The Kanin, The Vittra, and the Trylle. This series is about the Kanin. The average Kanin person has earth features. Dark hair, and dark eyes. Bryn Aven doesn’t fit in with her blond hair, and blue eyes. Bryn is half Skojare, and she has never been accepted for it. She has spent most of her life training to become a member of the kings elite guard. When she was fifteen, someone attempted to kill her father, Konstantin Black. Now Bryn is nineteen, Konstantin is a wanted fugitive,and Bryn still seeks revenge.  When her Boss, Ridley Dresden, whom she is becoming all the more fond of, gives he a new assignment in Chicago. She sets off to track the young Kanin, but maybe Konstantin isn’t as far away as they always thought.

  1. Frostfire
  2. Ice Kissed
  3. Crystal Kingdom

This was a very good trilogy, that I will probably read again. I loved the character of Konstantin, and how nobody truly knows who he really is. I was ecstatic when they put characters from Trylle into the series, which just made it so much better for me. This series was not as good as the Trylle, by far, but it is definitely worth the read for an Amanda Hocking fan.


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