The Mind's Obsession

Beastly~ Alex Flinn

on July 29, 2015

beastly-4Kyle Kingsbury used to be the boy who you wish you were, with money, perfect looks, and the perfect life. Kyle was a cocky, arrogant, egotistical jerk who made fun of anyone not at his “level”. Well, lets just say with this particular girl, he made a big mistake getting in her way. Kendra is a witch, and she was set on getting revenge. She got it. Kendra turned Kyle into a hideous monster, and how could anyone love a monster? Kyle has disappeared from everyone he used to know, except his father who set him away. Stupid jerk, you don’t do that to your own kid. Kyle had one year to break the spell, and get someone to love him the way he looks now. As of recent, Kyle has changed his name to Adrian, which means dark. When a man breaks into his greenhouse, Adrian threatens the man. In return, the man must send his daughter to live with Adrian until he decides to let her go. This is it, this is his chance to change his fate, if only Lindy could not hate him and leave her room once in a while. Okay, so maybe this won’t go according to Adrian’s plan.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I watched the movie, before i decided to read the book. I loved the movie, and I thought the book would be much better and it was. One of the main things I hated the most, was in the book Kyle changed his name to Adrian, and in the movie he changed his name to Hunter. That was an adjustment, but I got over it quick. Something else than made me want to kill someone, was hoe different they made Lindy look in the book and the movie. I really liked the character of Kendra, in the book and the movie, she is just a really cool chick. I would recommend reading the book before watching the movie, if possible.

There is also another book with the story told for Lindy’s point of view.


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