The Mind's Obsession

Matched Series~ Ally Condie

on July 25, 2015


Cassia has always trusted the Society to make her decisions for her, about everything. What to eat, what to read, who to spend her life with. So when she sees her best friend Xander’s face on the screen at her matching ceremony, she knows he must be her ideal mate. Until she sees Ky Markham’s face for a split second before the screen turns black. The Society tells her that it was just a glitch, and that she should focus on her destined life with Xander. The thing is, Cassia can’t stop thinking about Ky, and as they fall in love, Cassia begins doubting the Society, and everything it stands for. Now, Cassia will have to make a choice, between Xander and Ky. A simple safe life with the one she is supposed to be with. Or a dangerous passionate love that is forbidden.

I remember seeing a friend of mine reading matched a couple of years ago, and I added it to my list. It only took me two years to get to it. And I’m so happy I did. This trilogy was unlike anything I’ve read before. They’re were so many secrets straight from the beginning that left you having to know the truth. I loved the female lead of Cassia, and how her perspective changes about the society. I also liked the two main male leads, Xander and Ky. They are the complete opposite, yet also oddly similar. I also thought it was really cool, how people are categorized if they, or their parents, commit a crime. How a person could be treated differently if their parents committed a crime twenty years before.I often found myself rooting for one side of things more than the other. It was definitely worth the few weeks I was obsessed.


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