The Mind's Obsession

Divergent Series~ Veronica Roth

on July 25, 2015


Many years after the apocalypse, the society has been divided into five factions. Candor the honest. Amity the peaceful. Erudite the intelligent. Abnegation the selfless. And Dauntless the brave. On an appointed day once a year, all sixteen year olds must select a faction to spend the rest of their lives in. Before they decide they must go through a test, that will tell her where she should go based on her personality, but they can make what ever decision they want. Your only supposed to get one result, but Beatrice Prior gets three. Her result was inconclusive, which makes her different from everyone else, it makes her divergent. Divergents are people who can’t be controlled. For Beatrice, the decision is between staying with her family and being who she truly is. So she makes a choice that surprises everyone, including herself. During the very competitive initiation, she renames herself Tris, and struggles to live with the choice she has made. All the initiates must go through a series of physical and mental tests. Tris must determine who her true friends are, and where a romance with a seemingly familiar boy fits into the life she has chosen. How can she protect herself. If anyone found out her secret, she would be killed, because she can’t be controlled.

I really loved the books, and the author is truly talented. The movies are also awesome. I love Four so much, he is a huge part of my major book crushes. I severely suggest reading this trilogy. There is also an extra book, with small parts written in For perspective. check that out to.


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