The Mind's Obsession

Watersong Series~ Amanda Hocking

on July 22, 2015


Sixteen year old Gemma Fisher had the a perfect, normal life. She is pretty, carefree, and hear over heels for her next door neighbor Alex. Alex is Harper’s best friend, who just happens to be her sister, so he has always been around. Gemma’s true passion lies in the water, where she takes lessons and late night swims.

Penn, Lexi, and Thea have just come to town, but I guess you could say they are not your average mean girls.They are sirens, whose powers work especially well on men. During her late night swims, she see’s them dancing and partying, so she joins them. The next morning she wakes up on the beach, and she knows something had changed, She is suddenly stronger, faster, and more beautiful. As she reveals the truth about her new powers, she must make a choice. Stay at home, or swim head first into a dark world of unimaginable secrets.

Harper Fisher is the older sister who is trying her best to take care of her father and her sister. She soon notices her sister acting abnormal, and hanging around with the new girls in town. As she tries to figure out whats going on, she ends up a lot closer to fisherman, Daniel. Daniel is a strange man, who can’t stay away from Harper, but also seems so be harboring a secret of his own.





Prequel~Forgotten lyrics

This was a really good series, and kept me hooked until i finished it. I love Amanda Hocking and would recommend reading all of her books. I love the paranormal romance this series has going on. I also loved the characters, especially Daniel, because the dude’s hilarious and relentless.


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