The Mind's Obsession

Lux series~ Jennifer L. Armentrout

on July 12, 2015


Holy mother freaking crap. yeah, that good. I just finished this series a couple of weeks go and I could literally read it again right now. Its 5 books, with a prequel novella. I’m only going to talk about the first book since I don’t want to give anything away.


Katy Swartz and her mom just moved to West Virginia before her senior year. She came from the warm weather and beaches, so you can probably imagine how she feels. Her mom wanted to get away from the constant reminder of her husband who died of cancer years earlier.The town they moved to is so tiny, the nearest super market is miles away. Things are about to get boring, until Katy sees her hot neighbor. Tall, bright green eyes, and swoon worthy. Then he started talking, Daemon Black is an arrogant egomaniac. He is one of those people who you wish you had a pie in your hand when you were talking to him. Lets just say their first meeting sets of a long string of not getting along. Dee Black is his sister, and she is the complete opposite of him. She is kind and the kind of person you wish you could hate but can’t. Katy and Dee quickly become best friends. Daemon doesn’t want Dee to be friends with Katy, which completely confuses her. But, she is drawn to both of them. One night Katy gets attacked, and Daemon saves her. But there’s a catch, he also marks her with some of his alien voodoo. yup, Daemon and Dee are aliens with a whole fudge ton of bad guys wanting to steal their powers. By marking Katy, she is now more visible to the same people trying to hurt her new friends. So, unfortunately, she has to stay glued to Daemon until the light fades. Unless she murders him first. Now to the fun part. The attraction is there, but she wonders if she can like and hate someone at the same time.

This series is toward the top of my list. It was so magnificently good, that I hugged these books so hard they cried. Seriously, Daemon Black, he even has a hot name. I recommend this series to everyone, because it was fanfreakingtabulous. Now, if your one of those people who doesn’t read the prequel, this one you should. Plus, you should read it after the series, or it won’t make any sense. Please, go read this series!!!!

Book 1-Obsidian

Book 2-Onyx

Book 3-Opal

Book 4- Origin

Book 5- Opposition 

Prequel novella- Shadows


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