The Mind's Obsession

House Rules~ Jodi Picoult 

on July 12, 2015

Jacob Hunt is an eighteen year old boy with Asperger’s syndrome. Jacob doesn’t have any friends at school, because he is different. He lives by the rules and a very specific routine. Some things about Jacob are that he color coordinates everything; clothes and food. He can’t look people in the eye, or sympathize with their emotions. He must be the first one in the shower in the morning and he has to be home at exactly 4:30pm everyday to watch crime busters. Jacob is completely obsessed with forensic analysis, and the subject of murder fascinates him. 

Emma Hunt is Jacobs mom. She does an online advice column from home, and lives to raise her two sons Jacob and Theo. her ex husband walked out on them after Jacob was diagnosed. She hasn’t had a date since then. 

Theo Hunt is Jacobs fifteen year old brother. He doesn’t have any friends because when ever they meet Jacob they ditch him. He wants a normal life with a normal family. He secretly wishes Jacob was normal because is he were life would be a lot easier.

Jess Oglivy is Jacobs tutor and he is secretly in love with her. She is a few years older than him an has a boyfriend named mark who is a jerk face. When Jess is murdered Jacob soon becomes a prime suspect. People mistake him not being able to look people in the eye and visibly looking nervous as guilt. But the question remains did Jacob kill Jess?

Rich Matson is the first person to question Jacob and right off he thinks Jacob killed Jess. With his obsession for forensic analysis and listening to calls on his police scanner he seems like he could murder someone perfectly.

Oliver Bond is the lawyer. He is 28 and Jocob Hunt is his first case. He lives above a pizza shop with his poodle named Thor. He will have to do many things to try do prove Jacobs innocence or at least insanity. 

The only reason I started reading this book was because it was on my summer reading list. I probably wouldn’t have read it otherwise. From beginning to end this novel had me compelled. Normally I read books with action and romance. So this wasn’t my normal read, but I recommend it to anyone. 


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