The Mind's Obsession

Looking for Alaska~John Green

on July 11, 2015

Miles Halter is an upcoming junior in high school. He doesn’t feel quite right about where he is right now so, he goes it Culver Creek Boarding School, to seek ” the great perhaps”. There he meets his roommate, the Colonel, who gives him the nickname Pudge even though he is very skinny, and scrawny. Later he meets Alaska Young, spunky, sexy girl who is unlike anyone he has ever met. She smokes heavily, and speaks quotes from book and talks about the Labyrinth. Miles also meets Takumi, who refers to himself as the fox and the Asian kid. All four of them become fast friends, and soon do basically everything together. When tragedy strikes will they be able to stand together as friends? This is an incredible book that left me bawling multiple times. So, I recommend that you read this alone, so your people don’t make fun of you. Definitely worth the read.


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